[thelist] creating and delivering a formatted document with classicasp

Sarah Adams mr.sanders at geekjock.ca
Tue Feb 20 10:36:04 CST 2007

>> Are there any particular drawbacks to
>> using this format that I need to keep in mind?
> Does it really need to be formatted, or will plain text do?

I did offer the option of plain text, but the client likes the idea of
not having to format the information themselves.

>> But there doesn't seem to be a way to use this object to 
>> create and save
>> a file, rather than uploading it from the user's computer. Any
>> suggestions or pointers in the right direction?
> I've done some work in this general area in my intranet work, but I
> don't completely understand the question. Are you looking for a way to
> deliver the file directly to the user, to a server, to the CMS?

I just want to deliver the file directly to the user, i.e. make the file
downloadable for them. I don't care whether the file gets saved to the
server, but if this step is necessary, that's fine.

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