[thelist] Text editor recommendations

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Feb 20 18:38:32 CST 2007

Hi Paul, 

Paul Bennett <Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm looking for a text editor (Win32 - free or paid) that will do 
> [everything a code editor should]
> Can anyone point me in the right direction for a worthy replacement?
> I'm definitely willing to invest time into learning the ins & outs of
> a new editor - I've tried Komodo, Homesite and Zend IDE, but they all
> fall short in at least one of the above areas.   

I'm liking Notepad++ after several weeks on a similar quest:

Scite is nice too - I used it for a few weeks: http://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html
but the must-have feature I wanted, that it lacked, was a function list for navigation (ala UltraEdit).  

The only thing I'm not sre about on your list is the autocompletion you mention.  I know it does autocompletion, because it keeps trying to do it for me and I haven't figured out how to turn such helpfulness off! :-)



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