[thelist] Text editor recommendations

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Wed Feb 21 05:00:16 CST 2007

kasimir-k schreef:
> Paul Bennett scribeva in 20/02/2007 20:48:
>> I've used jEdit for a couple of years, but am becoming disillusioned lately 
> I'd like to recommend Eclipse. I've used it with PDT[0] and
> JSEclipse[1]. Eclipse scans all classes in my project and offers 
> autocompletion for methods and properties. It also hints parameters for 
> methods, something that I've found a real time saver. It also has 
> completion for any words, but it's not automatic.

If you want to do front-end webdevelopment with Eclipse, you should try 
Aptana. It's a very nice editor/Eclipse-plugin for editing HTML, CSS en 


Edwin Martin

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