[thelist] webmasters acting as sysadmins

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Wed Feb 21 10:04:40 CST 2007

I think what frequently gets obscured in these discussions is the 
philosophy of sticking within your skillset and passions.  Certainly 
there are many folks out there who excel at a variety of skillsets and 
are up to changing directions at a moment's notice. 

Perhaps a job description is in order here, but in my case I dabble in 
S/A tasks - what I will do in my little ole office cubby is not 
something I want to do for clients.  Too much risk, not my passion and 
far too time-consuming.  I think it's important in this line of work 
that we draw boundaries and that we have adequate understanding of the 
technology to know where to go (where to refer clients) for expertise, 
for problem resolution.  In that sense part of the service offered is 
being a 'tweener'. -Bob

Steven Streight wrote:
> I thank you for understanding my points, which are probably very
> controversial. But you have enlightened me on how " a little info can be a
> dangerous thing", and you are right in what you say to temper what I said.
> Guess that's why I love wikis so much, to see others tweak content I
> contributed, improving it, better than a comment on  a blog, in some ways.

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