[thelist] Serving PDFs

Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 11:05:33 CST 2007

Noah St. Amand wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Chris Price wrote (2/20/07 6:11 AM):
>> I'm attempting to serve pdfs using a slightly modified Harry Fuecks' 
>> script and I'm running into problems with IE 7.
> Are you accessing the PDFs over https?
> If yes: I recently encountered a problem where I was unable to save PDFs 
>   streamed through PHP in IE over https (whereas exactly the same files 
> could be accessed with no problems over http).
Its not over https though it will be.

I've tested it on Firefox and IE 7 on the same PC.

It would appear that the file is corrupting with IE7 (the error says it 
may be to do with encoding) because a file downloaded by Firefox can be 
read by Acrobat.

I'm telling IE that the content-type is application/pdf, the 
content-disposition is attachment, and the file length.

Does it need more information or is this information wrong?

Chris Price

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