[thelist] "Web 2.0 sites with the big friendly fonts"

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Wed Feb 21 11:53:10 CST 2007

Steven Streight wrote:
> Okay you gentlemen have got me all riled up now. I think it is "incredibly
> rude" and flat out stupid to hate text so much in a design, whether music CD
> cover or web site, that the text is horrible low contrast (eg., light blue
> text on medium blue background) and super tiny.

I love that stuff, it cracks me up. Those art-school designers who land 
loads of corporate stuff, with their portfolio sites using two shades of 
dark grey for their background and their Gill Sans text. And then 
there's the visible 'information' on their sites, which tends to be 
incredibly garish blue, pink, green or orange massive pseudologos.

It's a brilliant combination of cheap-and-cheerful with 
dark-and-intelligent. If it works, let'em do it. But if you're after 
information design, you'll hopefully be able to realise very quickly 
that isn't the stuff for you.


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