[thelist] Text editor recommendations

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 12:14:12 CST 2007

> I tried Aptana, and I liked the thoroughness of it
(and implementation of
YUI, which does come in handy for me for some reason).
That said, I just
can't get warm with IDEs. I don't thrive on having
lots of files
and folders generated when I edit one single HTML file
and the fact that
aptana installs itself as the source viewer for MSIE
is more than annoying.

Also FWIW, I use Aptana primarily as a JavaSript- and
YUI-savvy editor that
supports editing files via FTP/SFTP.  I've never
created a "project" in the
course of creating Objecty, and it's never created an
extraneous file on me.
It's foundation is Eclipse, so for me Aptana is
Eclipse for the rest of us.

Editors are a very personal choice, so I don't expect
anyone to swap (unless
they're doing Ajax, in which case I haven't seen
anything that compares).
The other editors mentioned look interesting too,

-- Charles

P.S.  Chris, your book is great.  Thank you for
writing it!

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