[thelist] "Web 2.0 sites with the big friendly fonts"

trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Wed Feb 21 13:58:04 CST 2007

first of all, about this:

> On 2007/02/21 16:57 (GMT) Barney Carroll apparently typed:
>> What do you mean by "basing designs on 100% of user defaults"?

if you RE-READ the original message, he said   "not"  right before your 
snip, making your quote 100% misleading.  the original quote would be:

"Maybe it's an indirect impetus to get designers to see the folly of not
basing designs on 100% of user defaults. 100% of user defaults leaves it up 
to each user to decide what's too big or too small or just right for his
local environment."

moving on...

i went and read that 100% e2r article, and while  i may agree with some of 
it, the whole thing strikes me as a bit hypocritical.  its main premise is 
to let people do what they want, as in: leave their settings alone and never 
choose for them.  yet, designers are NOT allowed to choose??  what if i, the 
almighty designer - WANT A SMALL FONT.   then to hell with that article - if 
i WANT A SMALL font, then i will HAVE A SMALL FONT.

- even if only to chase away people who hate small fonts.  maybe i actually 
don't want them, maybe i mock design to create design, maybe i'm a small 
interest group who loves to squint...

- now clearly i'm being hypothetical - i don't love really small fonts per 
se, but i love the freedom to choose.  and i actually DO think that the e2r 
article makes sense in a restricted way, but i really get pissed when 
so-called "designers" get carried away and start telling me what i should 
like, and what's right and what's wrong.  it's just YET ANOTHER OPINION - 
can't you afford any modesty at all?  don't tell me my choice is wrong cause 
you don't like it - maybe i don't want you to like it.

boy, the level of arrogance in that article made me want to create a totally 
UnR34D4B13 s1T3   <--just 4 kix.

design means choice, so stop telling people their choice is wrong - it may 
not be for *most* - but then neither was picasso, or cubism, or abstract - 
thank god they broke rules .

finally - i'm interested to your consideration of this:  if you are writing 
INFORMATION for seniors, then sure, make it big and clear - but if you are 
peddling 50cent ringtones to punks, and your site looks lke that article's 
banal, standardized, vanilla pudding - then kiss your demographic goodbye.

just sayin....and maybe i'm not 100% clear of what i'm saying, so there. 

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