[thelist] Websites have various purposes [Was: "Web 2.0 sites with the big friendly fonts"]

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 08:47:37 CST 2007

"Give us common sense" is also an "absolute" if you want to play that
semantic game. We sometimes need "uncommon sense" and "be outside the box to
think outside the box", etc.

Please point me to a site that has tiny unreadable fonts and it "works" for
the users and their interactions with the site to forage info and accomplish

I understand text used purely as a non-worded design element, playing with
type for non-communicative purposes. I had a pair of white plastic
sunglasses with newsprint on them, and it was purely stylistic, not intended
to be "read" but merely to be "seen".

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