[thelist] Webhost - KORAX ?

Noah St. Amand noah at tookish.net
Sun Feb 25 14:35:18 CST 2007

Hi Steve,

Steve Bissonnette wrote (2/23/07 2:38 PM):
> Looking for anyone¹s prior or current experience with ...
> KORAX.NET web-hosting from Toronto, ON.
> http://www.korax.net
> Specifically with their dedicated servers running UNIX.

I don't have experience with any of their Unix offerings, but I have a 
client who's had a classic ASP site hosted there on a Windows/IIS server 
for six or seven years now. I've been reasonably impressed with the 
server and their support. I'd probably put them in the top 20% of hosts 
I've dealt with.


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