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Anybody can "run a company" and CEOs are in great disfavor and disrespect,
deservedly so. I would avoid like the plague the "I also run the company",
which as you say is just some sporadic paperwork. Freelancers are
independent businesses by nature, so I agree with Patrick: stress your
technical skills.

They seem to want to know what skills you have. "Management" is so fuzzy and
generally brain dead, stick with the real, hard, provable stuff that you
have to offer.


On 2/26/07, patrick <pms at stoutstreet.com> wrote:

Vijay Immanuel wrote:

> Recently, I was required to submit a formal technical resumé of myself
> > for a business offer, and I have a problem describing my role in the
> > company precisely. It is in effect a one-man company, and my
> > "official" role is as it's "sole proprietor", which somehow sounds too
> > absurd in a technical resumé, IMHO. Will "web developer" undermine my
> > role in running the company (which honestly isn't much more than a
> > couple of hours of paperwork every year)? Should I stick to "web
> > developer" and briefly mention that I also run the company?
> >
> > Any ideas most appreciated. And, apologies if this is way off topic.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Vijay Immanuel
> It doesn't seem to me that the inner workings of your company are
> important. Remember this is a 'formal technical resume', so keep focus
> on 'technical'.
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