[thelist] "scope of work" for web site proposal

Martha Hesselein mhessel at forwardconsulting.com
Mon Feb 26 15:54:42 CST 2007

 Hey y'all,

One of our clients is ready for a site makeover.  Their current site is
very, very tired and has only been "fiddled with" since it was put up many
years ago.  The people at our firm (marketing/consulting firm) have designed
the look of the pages and the intended user experience (of course, the web
design firm selected will tell us if/where we are going wrong on this).

I have been tasked with writing the scope of work description so the job can
be put out for bid.  Do you have a list of questions you ask your
prospective clients so that you can make an informed estimate of how much to
charge?  I want to provide as much relevant information as possible...

Do I say things like number of products, I want a breadcrumb trail, I want a
shopping cart?  Or do I describe our idea of what information will be
presented for each product (operator manual pdf, product literature pdf,
specifications as xml or html, product video...).

Can anyone point me in the right direction to make an intelligent attempt?

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