[thelist] "scope of work" for web site proposal

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 17:54:59 CST 2007

Understood. But hosting the site doesn't mean assigning a URL with our
company as suffix. They get a domain name in their own name or business name
or whatever is appropriate. We are not a reseller, we have our own servers,
dedicated and shared hosting environments.

On 2/26/07, Adam Boettiger <boettiger at pobox.com> wrote:
> No. As part of the project I recommend a suitable host to the client,
> with instructions on which level of account to create. Same things
> for purchasing domains. To me it makes more sense to be an advocate
> for the client and have it in their name than it does to become a web
> hosting provider or reseller and deal with billing and support issues
> post-production. The client should have their domain in their name if
> purchasing a new one. Their hosting account should also be in their
> name so they don't have to come back to me six months later to ask
> permission to change hosts.
> Fewer headaches for me, best interest of the client.
> > You mean the client finds their own host, and you just do the
> > design? It
> > depends on your business and what you can and prefer to provide. We
> > host
> > most of our client sides, with few exceptions.
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