[thelist] pdfs on web site (was "scope of work" for websiteproposal)

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 15:08:11 CST 2007

I'm not talking about what a web site can do. I'm talking about why is
information, vital to sales or whatever it's related to, is sitting in a PDF
file instead of in an HTML version. Tell your IT guys to convert it to HTML
and publish it online, whilst retaining the PDF for those few who may
actually want to download or print it out.

The vast majority of web users really _do_ want to consume the info at their
computer, mobile device, Mac, or PC.

"not intended to be consumed from a computer monitor" is interesting, but I
think our intentions and user intentions often diverge, differ,

On 2/27/07, Erik Mattheis <gozz at gozz.com> wrote:

I believe the point folks are trying to make is a website can offer
> information not intended to be consumed from a computer monitor.

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