[thelist] pdfs on web site (was "scope of work" forwebsiteproposal)

Martha Hesselein mhessel at forwardconsulting.com
Tue Feb 27 15:22:10 CST 2007

Erik's point is why we put up the op manuals as pdfs -- it's hard to service
your backhoe in front of the computer.  For other clients, we have created a
one-page "take-away" brochure of the salient features of their product
(including contact information and URL) that visitors can print out to show
their friends and family.  It's more effective, from a marketing point of
view, for a potential customer to discuss purchasing a ridiculously
high-priced vacation lot over a glass of wine at dinner than it would be
hunched in front of their computer.  And a beautifully laid-out piece that
can be updated as needed and printed out at the expense/convenience of the
web site visitor helps in this scenario.  

Thanks for your help, y'all!

Martha Hesselein
Forward Consulting

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I believe the point folks are trying to make is a website can offer
information not intended to be consumed from a computer monitor.

Replacing the filter on our furnace would have been even harder than it was
had I also been running upstairs to the computer each time I looked at the
manual ...

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