[thelist] pdfs on web site (was "scope of work" forwebsiteproposal)

Steven Streight steven.streight at gmail.com
Tue Feb 27 15:35:59 CST 2007

Oh my. All I can say is have you tested this with users, done non-invasive
user observation tests with typical customers? Because I still don't
understand why the sales information is not HTML, as well as your PDF for
printer outers. I can't see people printing out your stuff, and the
thousands of competing web sites PDFs, and going through all that dead tree

People comparison shop online and will be annoyed if the info is only in a

On 2/27/07, Martha Hesselein <mhessel at forwardconsulting.com> wrote:
> Erik's point is why we put up the op manuals as pdfs -- it's hard to
> service
> your backhoe in front of the computer.  For other clients, we have created
> a
> one-page "take-away" brochure of the salient features of their product
> (including contact information and URL) that visitors can print out to
> show
> their friends and family.  It's more effective, from a marketing point of
> view, for a potential customer to discuss purchasing a ridiculously
> high-priced vacation lot over a glass of wine at dinner than it would be
> hunched in front of their computer.  And a beautifully laid-out piece that
> can be updated as needed and printed out at the expense/convenience of the
> web site visitor helps in this scenario.
> Thanks for your help, y'all!

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