[thelist] Program to create Flash audio clip?

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed Feb 28 03:51:26 CST 2007


Is anyone aware of a Windows program that has a wizard type interface to
create a Flash object from an audio file?

We have a client who wants to publish audio clips on their website using
Macromedia Contribute and the only way I can think of allowing them to do so
is by using the Insert > Flash option.

I have a neat little Flash object already with play/pause, slider bar, track
time etc. but it requires that you specify the url [and other config
options] in the source code which Contribute won't let you edit and in any
case our client is not skilled enough to go editing the source markup.

I'm hoping someone knows of a program that will take an audio file and wrap
it up in a Flash object with at least a play/stop button.  Is there such a
program available?

If not, how would you suggest we can let our non-technical client add audio
clips to their site when the only tool available is Contribute?



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