[thelist] FTP through VPN - server to server??

FayeC ftarzwell at fayec.com
Wed Feb 28 10:25:56 CST 2007

Our group works on an intranet and public sites doing web updates.
My colleage has VPN set up at her home. The VPN is set up to access our intranet and works beautifully when doing internal updates but somehow she is unable to connect to the public sites through her VPN.
There is no external connection allowed to the public sites' servers and the Helpdesk guy said she had to open a stream from the intranet server to the external server but she has no idea how to do that and neither have I.
Can anybody point me to any documentation/software that can enable her to establish a connection to the public sites' servers through the VPN?
I googled but couldn't find anything similar or that would solve the issue.



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