[thelist] customizable ecommerce solutions

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Wed Feb 28 11:52:05 CST 2007

Yes I know there are some old threads on e-commerce.  I have a potential 
client who has a small quantity of somewhat configurable products to 
sell online.  He expects to take major credit cards, so a paypal only 
solution doesn;t cut the mustard.

They are somewhat like customized greeting cards.  I am comfortable 
creating input forms (php/mysql) so that the customer can input text and 
then create a preview of the product (perhaps with a watermark or whatever).

The problem - I've used zen-cart and also digishop in the past.  My 
expertise with zen-cart is simply not strong enough at this point to be 
able to set up a module such as I described in the previous paragraph to 
work with zen-cart.

This comes to that - I'd also prefer a solution that comes with some 
official support as opposed to a forum and whenever some feels like 
responding - so if there is a reasonably priced commercial packages out 
there that works, this would be fine.

The sort-of requirements:

transaction processing and shopping cart checkout - visa, master card, etc
run on linux, bsd, unix
good documentation and development support
easily enough customized such that I can set up CSS navigation/menus if 
necessary (although fly out menus not necessary for this client)
preferably - can be added on as a payment module to an existing site 
rather than building site around the program.  this talks to being able 
to make it work with the custom forms described above.
does not need to be complicated if it works

Over, Bob

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