[thelist] Cannot delete csv... so let's edit it?

Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:10:33 CST 2007

Ello all...

I've got 3 csv files that I'm ftping to a DIR..
Every 10 mins, they are scanned (along with lots of other functions).
The contents of the CSV are dumped into a table I've got..
I want to delete the CSV afterwards..(or the data is duplicated) but
I'm getting permission denied errors.
I've CHMODed them, but still no..?
I've ggogled and there's lots of talk about server persmission, PHP
permissions etc..

so, I thought.. why can't I just edit the file(s) on the fly and empty
them when I'm done?

Can I edit CSV files in PHP?
How can I forceably delete a csv?

Either option is fine by me... any idea?

Back to google!


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