[thelist] Web application developers. Which development methodology you use?

Rob O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Mon Mar 5 14:39:13 CST 2007

KT wrote:
> If you work as a one-person team, or work in a very small group, would
> you share your wisdom please? Which development methodology do you
> adopt or adapt? Thanks

I work backwards from what the visitors/users will see/do and then find 
the best thing(s) to drive it all. If there are certain aspects that I 
can't do I get a quote from someone who can and work it into my own quote.
The worst thing is faffing around without a clear idea of the finished 
item so you have to get all the feedback and information you can. Get 
that sorted and break it down into manageable chunks, e.g. setting 
up/editing/writing scripts, the design, testing and so on so you can 
work on one thing at a time. Keeps you focused. Is that the kind of 
thing you mean?


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