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Yes Paul,
It *mucks up Fantastico if you use it in cpanel. I remember it 
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> On Monday 05 March 2007 15:55, Max Schwanekamp wrote:
>> Paul Bennett wrote:
>> > Apart from the Object Model changes, is anyone aware of other issues
>> > arising from migrating from PHP 4x to PHP 5? (IE: Changes in function
>> > returns, how some functions work etc)
>> Um, that's a pretty broad question.  Yes, there's quite a lot.  No, most
>> existing core functions are still the same -- it is still PHP, and most
>> PHP4 scripts will run just fine under PHP5.  A few extensions got moved
>> into PECL, a bunch of new stuff got added.
> When updating php4 apps to php5, changing servers etc., often I find that 
> the
> old script was written with undefined variables, so you need to create a
> class/function to put the variable in a global scope or similar, else go 
> to
> the variable line in the script and add an "isset" to it, or @supress 
> errors
> etc.
> Built in functions pretty much work the same as noted above, the php.net 
> site
> is helpful when you run into something that used to work that doesn't in
> PHP5.
> IMHO, PHP5 makes for better code in the long run.
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> cheers,
>        mark
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