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Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 18:35:48 CST 2007

Not sure what you mean by "the 'best' way of doing image rollover". I
believe that the script should be unobtrusive which means you have to export
it to an external JS file and load it into the page via <script src="

I also would like to comment that it seems strange that you would require
your visitors to move their mouse over the image to see it in colour: unless
we knew that you wanted us to do that, we might simply have assumed that the
comic strip was designed in grayscale.

Also, regarding hiding the image, it was very easy for me to get the image
source (http://www.noticiaslinux.com.br/tiralivre.php?q=tira-livre-1.jpg) so
I don't know if the PHP script is working properly.


On 06/03/07, Eduardo Kienetz <eduardok at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm wondering if this is the 'best' way of doing image rollover
> effect: http://www.noticiaslinux.com.br/tiras.php
> Put mouse over the strip image and check it out (I know it is a big
> image, I might leave only the color version in the future).
> Also note (checking source) that I use tiralivre.php to hide the
> location of the image(s) (it is in a directory not accessible e.g.:
> ../../images/). In the future I'll probably check the referer in that
> php file so that I don't have people direct linking to it.
> Any tips/comments on this?

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