[thelist] Odd JavaScript Warning

Jay Blanchard jblanchard at pocket.com
Wed Mar 7 07:53:25 CST 2007

We have run across a really weird error, a stumper in the true form of

We have a web application (third party created) that serves some
JavaScript as part of the application. The warning popped-up even though
IE6 is set to disable warnings and is set to disable script debugging.
It does not attempt to debug, it is only a warning. The warning started
occurring after a non-web based application was installed on the client;

document.all.content.style is null or not an object

Viewing the source the line is contained in the following function;

function showProcessing() {

It is definitely not null. It is called here;

<form name="addNoteForm" method="post"

Since it is only a warning you can continue the note posting by clicking
yes or no to clear the dialog box. The posting of the note or the error
checking when the fields are not filled out works properly, we just have
the annoying warning.

As I stated before the warning did not start occurring until after we
had installed a non-web based application on the client. Machines
without this application do not show the warning. After over 12 hours of
looking at the problem I am somewhat convinced that something in the
registry was muddled with by the installation of the new application. I
have sought answers from both vendors, and they are both scratching
their heads at the moment. This will affect over 100 clients who are
scheduled to get the new application.

I am hoping that someone here will have some insight on this. I
appreciate any and all suggestions!

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