[thelist] Flash Required

cj distro.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 12:48:54 CST 2007

i'm replying off list since i'm not a "normal" or "average" user.  :)

the only place i have flash installed is at my work place.  when i
browse from home on my regular pc or from my laptop, i could care less
about the flashy pages or (most likely) ads that i'd get if i had
flash installed.  if a web page requires flash to see it, i go
somewhere else.  examples of pages that require flash are music artist
pages whose designers developed flash for each spot of the page and
who didn't feel regular text was anything they should put in the page
if a person didn't have flash.

i'm female, 26, and have perfect eye sight (yay for lasik).  i
frequently enlarge the text on web pages because i run at a monitor
size of 1856x1392, which means the normal browser is size is the
smallest my eyes can see comfortably.  i also run at about 800x800 (i
make my page taller than the regular monitor size of 800x600) because
i like to have a lot of things in sight while i browse online.  flash
is usually too small to read and doesn't like to fit into 800x800 in
the first place when the whole page is done in flash.

more to the point of your question, i don't know if it's automatically
installed on windows machines, but i can tell you i'm not the only
person i know who'd uninstall it if it was.  my suggestion with
real-world (not my world) pages would be that if you use flash, be
sure to make the site functional and readable to people who don't like
flash, because at least for me, if i can't use the site, i don't go

hope that wasn't too rant-y!  :)

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