[thelist] Flash Required

Lee Kowalkowski lee.kowalkowski at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 8 14:47:08 CST 2007

On 08/03/07, cj <distro.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> i'm replying off list since i'm not a "normal" or "average" user.  :)

Oh, whoops?

> the only place i have flash installed is at my work place.  when i
> browse from home on my regular pc or from my laptop, i could care less
> about the flashy pages or (most likely) ads that i'd get if i had
> flash installed.  if a web page requires flash to see it, i go
> somewhere else.

I'm similar, except I have Flash installed but I disable Active X on
IE in the Internet Zone.  I tend to leave sites with flash still, but
if there's a Flash site I really want to use (or more often my wife -
who you just can't give a satisfactory explanation to why sites that
work on other's computers don't on ours), then I add that site to my
Trusted Zone, where Active X is enabled.

This works most of the time, except for sites that override the
browser's default behaviour and attempt to detect if flash is
installed beforehand (which fails for some reason, perhaps a bug in IE
actually), they usually redirect me to a page or pop-up a message to
say I need to install Flash (which I don't).  Really irritating, and
it's at this point I give up using the site, unless I really do need
to use it, then I use Firefox or Opera (depending on which of these
renders the rest of the site best, it varies).


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