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Rick den Haan rick.denhaan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 04:03:04 CST 2007


I have a question about that, which has nothing to do with web development,
which is why I'm asking off-list.

I'm running IE7 on Vista, and flash seems to be disabled on websites by
default if JS is used to detect flash. Which is annoying, because YouTube
breaks as well, as do most other websites that stream video through a flash
player. Would you know which IE settings might be the culprit?


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On 08/03/07, cj <distro.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> i'm replying off list since i'm not a "normal" or "average" user.  :)

Oh, whoops?

> the only place i have flash installed is at my work place.  when i
> browse from home on my regular pc or from my laptop, i could care less
> about the flashy pages or (most likely) ads that i'd get if i had
> flash installed.  if a web page requires flash to see it, i go
> somewhere else.

I'm similar, except I have Flash installed but I disable Active X on
IE in the Internet Zone.  I tend to leave sites with flash still, but
if there's a Flash site I really want to use (or more often my wife -
who you just can't give a satisfactory explanation to why sites that
work on other's computers don't on ours), then I add that site to my
Trusted Zone, where Active X is enabled.

This works most of the time, except for sites that override the
browser's default behaviour and attempt to detect if flash is
installed beforehand (which fails for some reason, perhaps a bug in IE
actually), they usually redirect me to a page or pop-up a message to
say I need to install Flash (which I don't).  Really irritating, and
it's at this point I give up using the site, unless I really do need
to use it, then I use Firefox or Opera (depending on which of these
renders the rest of the site best, it varies).


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