[thelist] Disappearing Text

Gunlaug Sørtun gunlaugs at c2i.net
Mon Mar 12 02:35:58 CDT 2007

> In FF it is totally fine.  In IE 7 it is broken...

>> http://www.susangootnickmd.com/about2.php

This result should not come as a surprise.

- the div in question is set to 'height: 55px', which equals 3 lines of
text in IE/win at the given font-size/line-height.

- IE7 doesn't auto-expand elements like IE6 does. They have fixed that bug.

- IE7 doesn't handle the default - 'overflow: visible' - properly. They
did not fix that bug.

Solution: either delete that 'height: 55px' or make it target only IE6
and older.
IE7 needs a 'min-height: 55px' and the default - 'height: auto', and the
same goes for non-IE browsers although they handle overflow properly.


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