[thelist] Form validation using ASP

Kevin Stevens kjs at ratking.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 05:02:28 CDT 2007

Excellent, thanks for that. The code you offered for the dropdowns was 
very similar to what I had found on the Net. That didn't work, but yours 
did, although I'm still not entirely sure how. Just for my understanding 
(and anyone else who comes across this in the future), how does the code


actually work?

Brian had covered the check box and dropdowns but I was initially still 
at a loss for the text areas, but your line...

the content must be placed between the opening and closing tags of the textarea.

made me figure out how to do it, by changing

<textarea name="jobdetails" id="jobdetails" rows="7" cols="80" value="<%=Session("jobdetails")%>"></textarea>


<textarea name="jobdetails" id="jobdetails" rows="7" cols="80"><%=Session("jobdetails")%></textarea>

and everything worked.

Thanks again guys, now I've got to catch up on all the time I lost trying to figure it all out :)

Kevin Stevens
kjs at ratking.co.uk

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