[thelist] Bidi support in Flash?

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Wed Mar 14 15:07:38 CDT 2007

Marcus Bristav wrote:
> Does anyone know what the current status of bidi language support is
> in later versions of Flash? I tried to google a bit but mostly found
> old pages. 

Adobe Flash Player 9 does not yet support right-to-left scripts such as 
Arabic or Hebrew, sorry.

I know that this has been desired by the Player team for the last few 
versions, but the wildcard has been tapping into the (optional) 
system-level routines for right-to-left text... gracefully degrading on 
systems which don't support RTL is one tricky problem. Handling 
ligatures and bound character pairs similarly across OS has been another 

I haven't heard any announcements about feature sets for future versions 
of the Player. I've heard execs say RTL scripts are very desired, but I 
don't know when we'll be able to deliver.

That said, here are some recent links to places where people are 
simulating this OS-level support during the creation process:


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