[thelist] Attaining reliable MAC Address using javascript

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Thu Mar 15 12:10:22 CDT 2007

That's OS level information, you'd need a signed script and have the user approve the script's access to the OS before that is going to work. The browser security levels are going to block that info.

That being said. Why not have Apache get that info for you? If you have the user's IP, you can use the OS of the Web Server to get the MAC address for that IP. Granted Firewalls and proxys are going to mess that data up - but depending on what you are trying to accomplish that might work well enough.

Is this an internal or external need? Wy do you need MAC Addresses?

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Subject: [thelist] Attaining reliable MAC Address using javascript

> All,
> Spec:
> To receive the mac address using a javascript system call and return it to
> the apache server.  Must work on Linux/Windows/Mac
> Research:
> I've googled everywhere.  It seems to me that you must use an ActiveX script
> to get info from a windows box.  Not really good enough.
> Question:
> Does anybody have any other ways of grabbing this information using
> javascript, or maybe using a universal language like java?
> Chris

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