[thelist] Gallery -- not for looks... suggestions?

Micky Hulse micky at ambiguism.com
Fri Mar 16 23:12:42 CDT 2007

Howdy all,

I have a ka-zillion images that I need to get up on the net... for 
personal usage between me and my client.

Photoshop does the trick... batching photos and generating a gallery is 
a breeze... but I do not like the thought having to edit/update the code 
PS generates if I need to add new images.

Any suggestions for a script and/or app that will generate "web2.0" code 
(i.e. contemporary/clean/lean) and also have the ability to easily 
update later (add images later, sans re-batch)?

/I need nothing pretty/, just functional.

Any tips, links, suggestions... any help would be great. :)

Many TIA!

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