[thelist] Possibly interesting JavaScript problem

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Mar 19 13:39:06 CDT 2007

Depending on a couple of variables you can try the following:

In the popup window:


or if the device allows you to enter JS code that can create the pop-up link, you can harvest the variables directly while creating the popup URL.

This is of course dependent upon the JS Variables be public and accessible versus private to a function.

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Subject: [thelist] Possibly interesting JavaScript problem

> Good afternoon gurus and gurettes!
> I have an interesting problem that I am trying to solve;
> I have a application device that serves its own web pages. These pages
> are inaccessible to me. I can only view the source of the parent window.
> In that parent window is two JavaScript variables;
>    var firstName = "Mort";
>    var lastName =  "Sniklegroober";
> The application device allows me to create a pop-up window by entering
> text/HTML and I am assuming JavaScript into an interface. I have a URL
> there to pop-up another form into which people will enter some
> information that will be stored in a database. I would like to 'grab'
> the two variables above and include them in the URL for the second
> pop-up as part of the URL's querystring, producing a URL on the first
> pop-up something like;
> http://my.application.device?user=Mort%20Sniklegroober
> I have STFW for hours and have found several examples of how to send
> data to the child window. It requires that JavaScript be modified or
> entered into the parent which I do not have the luxury of doing. So is
> there a way to look at data in the parent so that it appears in the
> child?
> Thanks for any help in advance!
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