[thelist] FF and IE CSS problems with height

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri Mar 23 01:37:03 CDT 2007

The top of the right column is hidden because you have overflow:hidden - but
more importantly, the markup looks a bit like something I would produce
after banging my head for a few hours trying to get something to work within
what code I already have when I should have been considering a new plan of

Myself, I would consider using tables - to me, that is preferable to using a
CSS hack which is not as likely to display as intended in future browsers
whereas there is no concievable reason to suspect a table based layout won't
work fine in perpituity.

The layout I think you're looking for is certainly doable with CSS. Could
you rephrase what you're going for - I don't think I understand the effect
you want concerning the footer and use of min-height ... if y explain what a
mockup would look like or better, show us a simple graphic of your intended

- Erik, no spell checker, G4 finally died, getting by on refurbished Acer
laptop for now

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From: "Craig Givens" <nospamaddy at gmail.com>umn

> #1 The first problem is that this seems to work best only 1024
> resolutions, since the footer is level where I need it to be.
> Unfortunately the content area height cannot dynamically expand with %
> values. I've used px as the unit, but this is limiting for resolutions
> higher than 1024x768. Is there any way to adjust this properly to meet
> all resolutions and work on all browsers?
> #2 The second issue is that in Firefox, my right column appears to be
> hiding underneath my main blue header bar, as if it were a layer
> underneath. In IE it overlaps above it, which is the correct way I'd
> like it to visually render. How do I get Firefox to behave properly
> like IE6-7? I've tried using a z-index property to get the right
> column layer to float "above" the main header, but this had no effect.

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