[thelist] OT using maps technology in a different way (Christian Heilmann)

trevor trevor at intospace.ca
Fri Mar 23 08:42:02 CDT 2007

hi all, thanks for the funny remarks about MAPS, i actually did laugh out 
loud, great to have that break anytime!
thanks christian for sending the cool link in the first place!

i thought i would mention the reason why it was a whale, just in case ya 
didn't realize.  it is because the organization is trying to raise awareness 
to stop the crazy whaling that goes on to this day - unbelievable.  anyway, 
they are offering flash banners premade, to any web designers, that link 
back to their site.   seeing as though there are a lot of web designers 
here, i would hate to think that some of them might miss the opportunity to 
place a simple banner up, and help out a really worthy effort.  if you want 
a banner for your site, you should send an email to:

george.berry {@} wdcs.org

indicate which size you would like - it is a flash file, available in
120 x 600, 150 x 600, 474 x 107, 450 x 70, 600 x 110

WDCS is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their

Pro-whaling countries are mounting their biggest attack for decades
on the bans on commercial whaling and international trade in
whale products.

Whaling is cruel, unnecessary and unsustainable. Help WDCS in their
campaign to stop bloody whaling for good ­ it's time to act.



<tip type="productivity">

for left-handers:  i find that copy and paste using ctrl-c, and ctrl-v is 
awkward compared to using the other  key combo, on the other end of the 
keyboard, which are:   copy= ctrl-PrtScn    paste= shift-PrtScn 
(possibly pc only, apple mileage may vary)

that's all,  hopefully some lefty finds this useful.


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