[thelist] File delivery system?

Jeremy Weiss eccentric.one at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 11:36:58 CDT 2007

I'm looking for a PHP script that will allow a client to go to a certain
page on my website and view the files we've created for them. I want them to
be able to download the files once and I need the date, time and IP logged
as to when they downloaded it. If they need to re-download something I want
them to have to contact us to re-enable the file(s).

I'm not sure what this would be called so I'm having a hard time googling
for it. Being that this is just to make our lives easier and not for a
paying customer, I'd like a free/cheap solution rather than having to role
my own. I don't know about everyone else, but I seem to never have time to
work on my own site. ;)

Jeremy Weiss
Online Lead Generation & Internet Consulting

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