[thelist] Google Adsense, Flash, dhtml menus, Iframes, Oh my!

Micky Hulse micky at ambiguism.com
Fri Mar 23 17:57:12 CDT 2007

Anyone deal with a dhtml drop-down (i.e. suckerfish) menu on top of 
Google Adsense Flash advert?

Normally, if one has control over the Flash content, one can use a wmode 
of opaque or transparent. But, because Google Adsense does not allow 
control over the Flash content (or the iFrame)... and because Google 
Adsense uses an iFrame... What can one do to fix this problem?

Is it the iFrame that is causing the prob, or the Flash?

Would another iFrame "shim" for the menu be the best solution?

Links to fixes and/or examples?

Of course, IMHO, designing a site so these two things do not conflict is 
prob the best solution, but what if the damage is already done and the 
two things can not be separated... Any thoughts?


Many thanks in advance!

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