[thelist] image in select list

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Sun Mar 25 12:57:15 CDT 2007

Purpose:  to make it easier to browse through a list of images on a 
website (previously uploaded with filename info in a database) and 
select one to associate with a project.

<select name="whatever" id="whatever" size="3">
    <option value="1"><img src="images/image1.gif"></option>
    <option value="2"><img src="images/image2.gif"></option>
    <option value="3"><img src="images/image3.gif"></option>
    <option value="4"><img src="images/image4.gif"><strong>Should be 

The images would be thumbs.  Aside from the space that the size=3 
forces, the selection list is empty.  The list does not appear to 
recognize html markup as content.  Is this a limitation?  Certainly I 
can put the filename as the item, but I would like to make it even 
easier for the worker bee.


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