[thelist] How to get <p> to wrap in floating div

Ellen Kanner ellen.t.kanner at Dartmouth.EDU
Thu Mar 29 11:12:52 CDT 2007

Or is this a pipe dream?

The text is stretching out the width of a non-fixed width div. It  
seems the only way to recover this is by fixing the width of the div,  
but  since this is in a CMS, the image width will always be an  
unknown. I thought padding/margins would fix, but didn't

See:  <http://www.dartmouth.edu/~classics/>

Issue appears in all browsers.

Here's the css:

#b-content .b4
   float: right;
   margin-left: 20px;
   padding: 0 5px 3px 5px;
   margin-top: 4px;

#b-content .b4 p
	font-size: .75em;
	padding-left: 4px;
	padding-right: 2px;
	margin-right: 0px;
	 padding-top: 0;
          margin-top: 0;

#b-content .b4 img
	padding-left: 0;
         padding-right: 0px;
	margin-left: 0;
	 padding-top: 0;
          margin-top: 0;

and the markup:

<p><img title="lion" alt="lion" border="0"
src="http://www.dartmouth.edu/~classics/images/colossal marble  
lion.jpg" /><br />
Dartmouth Classics students in front of a colossal marble lion at the  
Museum, March 2007</p>


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