[thelist] audio / mpeg 4 on a site

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Fri Mar 30 08:31:09 CDT 2007


I've been reading sites gleamed from google for the past 3 hours now and I
am even more confused than when I started so here are some very basic
questions which if anyone could answer may then just point me in the
correction direction I need to go.



Client wants to start adding audio files.. Chapters of his books to his

He is going to use garage band to create them and says they will be made as
mpeg 4 files.


Firstly. is this the best format to save them in ?


Secondly, they need to be accessed from the site by clicking on a link.

When I tried this with some mpeg movie files I had of my kids they
automatically opened in quicktime on both my mac and pc machines. What
happens if someone doesn't have quicktime, will they still play but on a
different player ? And is this the same for audio. ( I don't have any audio
files to play around with)


As well as them streaming he also wants people to be able to download them
for playback on an ipod or other music player, so do I have to add
subsequent links for this to happen ?


I want to establish first what file format he should be sending them in to
me because I would hate for him to produce them all and then I can't use


Has anyone got any good tutorials for adding such files to sites ?


Also later he will start adding video also made in garage band so I presume
the procedure will be the same as above ?


Any help would be appreciated.





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