[thelist] audio / mpeg 4 on a site

Charles Wiltgen cwiltgen at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 10:34:33 CDT 2007

> He is going to use garage band to create them and
says they will be made
as mpeg 4 files.
> Firstly. is this the best format to save them in ?

"Best" depends on your needs.  MP3 would be more
universal, but using MPEG-4
has benefits as well.

> When I tried this with some mpeg movie files I had
of my kids they
automatically opened in quicktime on both my mac and
pc machines. What
happens if someone doesn't have quicktime, will they
still play but on a
different player ?

Yes, unless the user doesn't have /anything/ installed
that plays MPEG-4.

> Has anyone got any good tutorials for adding such
files to sites ?

Since you're linking to them, you'll link to them just
like you'd link to

If someday you want to embed media in your page rather
than link to it, you
might want to check out Objecty

-- Charles

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