[thelist] Career Help

Birdie bird at koolfish.com
Sat Mar 31 00:38:42 CDT 2007

" would be the best way to update these skills?"


I would just like to throw in, don't try to learn everything at once!

Update the skills that you think you would be strongest at first, or those
that compliment each other such as learning photoshop/fireworks to mock up
designs and then learn the HTML/XHTML/CSS to make those designs work.


Leave the backend stuff such as PHP till you are competent in the front end
first if that is what you like doing. Outsource your PHP/ASP needs to a
developer with the experience and knowledge of these technologies and then
when you have conquered your first goal then move on to expanding your


I have also found from experience from a stint in Australia that courses are
expensive and a waste of money. I have learnt far more from buying books and
reading sites on the internet and discussion lists and conversations over
messenger with people from this list.



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