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Donna Jones donnajjones at gwi.net
Sat Mar 31 11:19:09 CDT 2007

> I'm curious -- what kind of "local courses" are you referring to?

mainly i'm talking about non-programming courses, courses that say 
they'll make you a "webmaster".

> In the US at least, community colleges may offer evening classes
> in technical subjects, and the fees are, in my experience, quite
> reasonable. (My experience with them is limited to California and
> Hawaii, though, so YMMV.)
> For someone just getting into programming, an introductory course
> or two might provide a good foundation. You don't need a CS degree
> to program, but some understanding of theory makes it easier :-)

i've ck'd out three local institutions, to various degrees, the latest 
was looking at a syllabus from the community college.  I can't remember 
the details but essentially the whole course had various weekly 
subjects; each could/should be a whole course onto itself (and nothing 
about standards or accessibility).  He, my friend, had ck'd out what is 
offered at the University level here and said it was the same and that's 
why he took it from the community college.

obviously, other's community may vary but for myself but i haven't found 
anything to beat good on-line classes and, in particular, International 
Webmasters', right now (i don't like their interface but have mainly 
stopped complaining about it). :) Ziff Davis, in its day was better 
though, and they had great instruction manuals many of which i still use 

about the cost at iwa, if you're a member you get a very substantial 
discount, so if you're planning on taking a course - join first.


Donna Jones
Portland, Maine
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