[thelist] Carrer Help

Barney Carroll barney at textmatters.com
Mon Apr 2 07:00:48 CDT 2007

Christian Heilmann wrote:
> It is time that web standards evangelists start looking outside the
> Blog and Brochureware world before claiming that the standards war is
> won.

Exactly. Standardistas tend to preach to the converted and will 
generally give up when trying to get their ideas across to someone who 
doesn't already hold them. It's that first rung that's crucial.

And the key mantra here is: If you believe there's a gap in 
understanding here, don't go elsewhere to bridge it.

This is a web tech mailing list: If you feel there's a particular part 
of anything you don't get, if there's anything you'd like elaborated or 
would want to know more on, just ask. No-one's going to get offended, 
and the diversity of replies will easily expand your view on whatever 
subject at the least.


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