[thelist] front page - connection problem

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Mon Apr 2 08:49:50 CDT 2007

For what it's worth, this was eventually resolved by the hosting 
provider; they had to reinstall front page extensions on their end, then 
subsequently had to set umask (or whatever the equivalent is on windows) 
so that files were writable.  There was also some talk from the provider 
that the version of FPE that they were running was not compatible with 
client side front page 2003 or later (I don't know if this figured in 
the reinstall, forgot to ask).  Alas it works and the valuable lesson I 
learned is how to make a 3-way call and the nicety of headsets.  -Bob
>> I don't know anything about front page extensions. 
>> The old hosting provider indicated that the ftp login/password, 
>> etc would not work with front page.  To make this ugly story 
>> short, the admin cannot get front page to connect with the 
>> given login/password.  When he attempts to connect through 
>> IE he sees an IE message in the bottom of the browser 
>> saying something like "Opening sitename" but no success.
>> Thus the question - is there something that the new hosting 
>> company must provide (login, password, etc) which the guy 
>> needs that is different from common ftp info?

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