[thelist] ftp upload stuck problem

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Tue Apr 3 05:29:05 CDT 2007

A strange problem occurs when uploading files to a server of  
valueweb.com, with broadband.
To other servers I have no problem but here uploading with any ftp- 
program (on my Mac OSX) got stuck (freezes ..) but then the file is  
uploaded indeed.
It seems that my system doesn't receive an "end" signal?
The support guys tell me that it could be the connection ...?!
We're in Europe and the server is in US.
I tried everything that we could think of, but to no avail.
Before this, the client (in Caribbean) uploaded from Frontpage (with  
FPextensions on - now off) without problems.

Anyone has any idea what happens here?
Thanks a lot,

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