[thelist] selling ebooks

sbeam sbeam at syxyz.net
Wed Apr 4 23:02:05 CDT 2007

When selling an Adobe ebook (or the MS or Palm ones for that matter) 
using the DRM feature <shudder> - how does the reader software on the 
customer's computer know that they are allowed to read what they have 

In other words, what do you have to do on the server side to encrypt or 
tag the file saying "this is for Jane Doe's eyes only"? 

Or is it a matter of telling Adobe's server "Jane Doe is allowed to read 
my '1001 Ways to Profit on the Internets'", so her Reader can then 
check those credentials??

Any specifics that you would think would be on the Adobe site have 
eluded me. Anyone know?


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