[thelist] Weird Firefox/mozilla refreshing and jumping issue

Craig Givens nospamaddy at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:32:46 CDT 2007

Thank you to the Evolters who have helped me with previous layout
issues. I'm now running into a strange Firefox bug which I can't
figure out, and hoped a CSS guru out there could tell me what's wrong.

Here are screencaps of the problem. This is running on FF 1.5-2.0 Windows:

That left column div (called "leftColumn-home" and "leftColumn" in the
css) sometimes renders way down below the fold when Firefox loads the
page -- leaving all that white space gap in between. When I hit
refresh on the browser, it sometimes gets cleared up and jumps back up
into place. Other times it reverts back down. This doesn't happen in
IE -- only Firefox and Mozilla.

I figured this has something to do with the way the float is set for
that div, but who knows what it could be given the crazy markup order
of the page (which was necessary to preserve the design).

Here are my 2 template pages below. From the index page, click on the
left orange blocks which say "Click this Title" to see the same effect
on the subsequent page.


It usually happens on a first load of the page. If not, Hit the back
button from page2.html and try clicking on the link once more to get
the page to re-load.

Any advice you can offer on fixing this or any other helpful tips in
tightening the CSS is much APPRECIATED!

- Craig

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