[thelist] WinXP, IE7 and CSS

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 20:04:28 CDT 2007

> Mark Groen scribeva in 05/04/2007 22:49:
>> Needs a user/pass, use evolt for both. Ideas anyone? And does anyone else see 
>> the page borked as the screenshot?

kasimir-k scribeva in 06/04/2007 0:49:
> On XP Home
> IE7 http://kasimir-k.net/cmmc-ie7.png
> Firefox 2  http://kasimir-k.net/cmmc-ff2.png
> note on ie7: view -> text size -> medium
> the form doesn't look quite right

Ah, it's the text size...
http://kasimir-k.net/cmmc-ie7-2.png with view -> text size -> smaller
http://kasimir-k.net/cmmc-ff2-2.png with one step increased text size

Your background images probably not playing nice with your ems or something.


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