[thelist] images - dropshadows & diagonal lines

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Fri Apr 6 10:10:29 CDT 2007

> 2) What is the technique the take an image, rotate it a couple degrees
> left or right, then resave and get a reasonably good looking image
> without jagged edges where the pixels break up?  Something to do with
> anti-aliasing?

There are ways to do this with PNGs and alpha-transparencies, but  
somebody else will have to help you out with that, as IE doesn't  
handle it well....

To do an anti-aliased GIF:
You basically have to know ahead of time what the background color is  
going to be.  In Photoshop, put a layer behind your image that is the  
color (at least close to) that the background will be on the site.   
Rotate your image the way you want.  Now, select the magic wand  
selector tool.  Set tolerance to zero and check "use all layers".   
Click on the background, then select Delete in the Edit menu.  The  
background area should now be transparent.

"Save for Web" as a GIF with transparency.  You should be all set.

Stephen Rider

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